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In October 2014 the Accurium brand was established to acknowledge our expanded service offerings to SMSFs in the retirement phase of superannuation. From our origins as Bendzulla Actuarial (est. in 1993) we have expanded our services to include research, educational tools, specialised reports and training in addition to actuarial certificates, of which we remain Australia's leading provider.

In early 2014 Accurium became part of Challenger Limited with both companies sharing a common vision to meet the needs of Australian retirees. Together we are undertaking collaborative ventures in research, thought leadership, education and the development of pension strategies for the SMSF market.

Accurium has long pioneered innovative approaches to actuarial services, such as:

  • The first company to provide online actuarial certificates
  • Integration of actuarial certificates through BGL, Class Super and superMate

Accurium is committed to delivering innovative and efficient services to SMSF practitioners that provide additional value to clients and stakeholders.

Why change the company’s name?

To realise our vision to be Australia’s SMSF Retirement Specialists, we’ve transitioned from Bendzulla to Accurium. The change of name better reflects our core capabilities and strategic direction to provide SMSF practitioners with expanded services particularly focusing on SMSF retirement. With the baby boomers entering retirement phase, many trustees and their advisers are realising that there is an unmet need for risk advice services in retirement finance.

We welcome everyone on this new journey at Accurium and are pleased to continue to provide our clients with the same efficient, timely and accurate services that you have come to expect. We trust that you will embrace the additional value that we provide to our members through new initiatives such as the Accurium Technical Hub and our SMSF Retirement Insights article. Membership is free of charge to clients and provides a number of valuable benefits and support to improve efficiencies in your organisation.

This is only the start for Accurium, our members will gradually see an increase in innovative and efficient products, services, education and tools that will provide your organisation with additional value and support.

What does Accurium mean?

‘Accurium’ is a word that clearly communicates the strengths and future direction of the organisation. The word “Accurium” is derived from the Latin words accuratus and auxilium meaning accurate and specialised support and assistance. Accurium truly represents the core values of the organisation being accuracy, efficiency and innovation.

Our Brand

The equilateral triangles in the Accurium logo have three points representing the past, present and future which is highly symbolic to the profession of consulting actuaries.


The logo also has historical significance. If you look closely at the negative space surrounding the diamond on the left hand side of the logo, you will notice that the former double sigma logo is a hidden element within the Accurium logo. We believe that it is important to reflect our historical bearings as it is an important part of where Accurium is today.


Accurium is presently SMSF experts who specialise in the retirement. The logo represents transition, much like the process that one goes through in superannuation when transitioning from accumulation phase into retirement.


Lastly, the arrow head icon in the middle of the logo represents the dynamic nature of Accurium it communicates speed, efficiency, collaboration, and future direction.