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BGL Corporate Solutions is Australia's leading  developer of superannuation and corporate compliance software solutions.

BGL’s award winning cloud solutions include Simple Fund 360, Australia’s preferred cloud SMSF administration software solution and CAS 360, a next generation cloud ASIC corporate compliance software solution.

BGL has gone from a small business with only 2 employees to the most innovative software provider with over 120 employees and 8,000 clients in 15 countries. Our clients include all major accounting firms, law firms, many listed and private company groups, accountants, financial planners and many individual SMSF trustees.

BGL Website - www.bglcorp.com
Simple Fund 360 Website - www.bglcorp.com/simple-fund-360-professional




Class super

Class offers software solutions for the administration of both SMSF and non-super investment portfolios, creating a collaborative environment for accountants and planners to drive higher levels of efficiency and better outcomes for clients. Class Super is Australia’s leading SMSF administration software. Class Portfolio is an award-winning administration and reporting solution for companies, trusts and individuals. With Class Super you get access to:

  • 200+ direct-connect automated data feeds – daily, accurately and securely.
  • Bulk corporate action processing all from one screen – in just a few seconds.
  • Automated tax statement processing - accurately in bulk.
  • Automated property valuations for residential property – in an instant.
  • Ability to request actuarial certificates directly from actuarial providers – in just a few clicks and with percentages automatically loaded into Class.





superMate is a specialised superannuation software solutions company staffed by experts in both computing and financial administration. 

superMate was established in 1987, and is now one of the leading suppliers of integrated financial services and superannuation fund administration software within Australia.

superMate has built up an enviable reputation as being the one company in Australia that can provide a fully integrated solution to clients of all sizes and complexities from SMSF through to Industry, Retail and Corporate for compliance, investment, tax and accounting.

To find out more, please call 1300 650 135 or email:  info@supercorp.com.au