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Retirement healthcheck | Accurium

The retirement healthcheck is an innovative goals based planning tool that brings conversations about retirement to life. It stress-tests clients’ retirement plans through 2,000 different scenarios’ allowing for the key risks that retirees face - longevity risk, market risk and inflation.

The retirement healthcheck is designed to build and enhance relationships with your clients, open valuable new revenue streams for your business and answer those difficult questions that your clients want to know, such as:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Will my money last for life in retirement?
  • How much money can I afford to leave my children?
  • Can I afford that round the world trip and still have a comfortable retirement?
  • How much money can I safely afford to spend each year?
  • Will I be entitled to the Age Pension, and when?

Recent updates to the retirement healthcheck allow you to assess the impact of the $1.6m transfer balance cap on your clients' retirement plans.

The retirement healthcheck is illustrative only and is not intended to influence a decision to buy, sell or hold a financial product or class of products. Users should consider obtaining advice from an Australian financial services licensee before relying on it.

Did you know?

Our research shows 71% of typical 65-year-old couples do not have sufficient assets in their SMSF to confidently sustain $100,000 per annum for life in retirement.

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