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Accurium is committed to delivering quality and value through the provision of innovative and efficient strategies for SMSF practitioners to use when servicing the needs of SMSF trustees.

SMSF retirement cashflow management strategy

The SMSF retirement cashflow strategy is similar in concept to the ‘income bucketing’ strategy with which many SMSF practitioners will be familiar.  A proportion of the SMSFs assets are allocated to an ‘income bucket’ providing a secure source of income to cover required cashflows over an initial period.  A small float is maintained for the current spending needs and the remaining assets are invested in a growth portfolio.

Time segmentation approaches like this reduce the need to draw down on growth assets in the short term.  With time to accumulate, the SMSF’s growth assets can do their job of providing higher expected long-term returns to increase the longevity of retirees’ savings.

For further details on this strategy, please click 'SMSF retirement cashflow management strategy' on the right hand side of the screen where you will also have the option to download a copy of Accurium's paper.

Challenger's SMSF Cashflow Manager

Challenger issues an annuity product for SMSFs, called the SMSF Cashflow Manager. For more information about this product, refer to the'SMSF Cashflow Manager' on the right hand side of the screen or visit Challenger’s website**

** This information is intended for SMSF professionals. Accurium is not licensed to provide any financial service or financial product advice and does not endorse or provide any opinion in relation to this product. Accurium is not remunerated for providing this information. For more information about Challenger’s products, including the SMSF Cashflow Manager, please refer to Challenger’s website or call Challenger’s Adviser Services on 1800 621 009.