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A feature of our actuarial certificate services is that the PDF certificate can be easily accessed in our online dashboard. Did you know that the PDF certificate is now also available for download via the major administration platforms?

When you submit an actuarial certificate application to us we review the fund information, complete the exempt income proportion calculation, and then email the finalised certificate back to you. However, to make things easier if you accidentally misplace it we have worked with our platform partners so that the actuarial certificate is available for download in SimpleFund 360 and Class as well as in your online Accurium dashboard.

How to download an actuarial certificate in SimpleFund 360

To download a previously completed actuarial certificate in SimpleFund 360 you will need to go to the “Reports” area and then click on “Documents” as shown below.

Download actuarial certificate 1

In the documents area you have the ability to upload any files you might think are relevant to the fund. The actuarial certificate is automatically loaded in to this area when it is completed and should appear soon after you have received the email from us. If you do ever need to obtain the certificate again it can be downloaded from this area.


Download actuarial certificate 2

How to download an actuarial certificate in Class

To access an actuarial certificate in Class  select your fund then go to the “Fund” tab and click on the “Fund Documents” option. 

Download actuarial certificate 3

The “Fund Documents” page is where you can store, organise and manage documents in Class. Completed actuarial certificates will automatically appear here where they can be viewed or downloaded.

Download actuarial certificate 4

Making life easier for you

Providing easy access to actuarial certificates is one of the ways in which we make managing your clients’ SMSFs easier and more efficient.

If you have any questions regarding accessing your actuarial certificates please give us a call on 1800 203 123. Alternatively you can contact SimpleFund 360 on 1300 654 401 or Class on 1300 851 057.

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