New feature - fund review page | Accurium

New functionality added to Accurium’s Membership system will make manager reviews a breeze and provide documentary evidence for auditors.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service offering and the ease of use for our system. The most recent way in which we have looked to do this is by adding an application review page. This page is an easy way to access all the relevant details for a fund and carry out any actions if required.

To access the review page simply click on the row for the fund application on your certificate dashboard.


This new review page features both an “Overview” tab and an “Input” tab.

Overview page

The “Overview” tab provides several different pieces of information for the fund, including; the basic order details, operating statement, tax exempt percentage and illustration of fund liabilities. These details will depend on the current status of the application, i.e. “saved” or “completed”. The “Input” tab shows a read only version of the application form and the information which was originally entered.

In addition to just viewing the fund information it is also possible to carry out certain actions from this page.'

Overview options

The available options will depend on the current status of the application. For example, if the actuarial certificate has been completed the options will include:
  • Printing the application data and results
  • Downloading the certificate, invoice and receipt (if available)
  • Completing the certificate for the next financial year, and 
  • Submitting an amended application. 

 These options should make it much easier to review the fund information and then carry out the required actions.     

While we expect this page to be very useful when it comes to reviewing fund information we also believe it will be handy for the fund audit. The “Print” option will print the details from both the “Overview” and “Input” pages providing detailed documentary evidence of the inputs used in the exempt income proportion calculation. This document should be included along with the final certificate in audit packs to answer any questions an auditor may have about the tax exempt income proportion.

If you have any questions about this review page please call us on 1800 203 123.

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