More changes to ECPI on the horizon

For over a decade, the SMSF industry’s interpretation of existing legislation was that assets could only be segregated to support an income stream where the trustees of a superannuation fund had elected to do so. Following the 2016 Super Reforms, the ATO revisited its interpretation of the legislation and took a contrary view to the prevailing practice in the industry.

CPD for the whole firm what are you waiting for

Accurium provide a wealth of technical information for our clients through the TechHub. This includes the latest articles, research, calculators, webcasts and CPD accredited webinars. But did you know that you don’t have to request actuarial certificates to access all of this information and get free access to CPD?

How to do an amended actuarial certificate

As we head towards the 2018 income year deadline for SMSF tax returns on 15 May 2019, and into the time of year when you pull out all those complex SMSF cases left to last, we thought it an opportune time to highlight one of the key features of Accurium’s actuarial certificate system - how to do an amendment free of charge.

Have you got lost looking for where to enter a pension commencement on the form

A key change made was to how you enter a pension commencement or pension commutation in the online form. If you haven’t been able to find where to enter this information on our new form you are not alone. For those of you coming via platforms the form is pre-filled for you, however for those coming direct we wanted to provide you with some additional assistance in finding where to enter this type of transaction.