Tax time 2015 - changes affecting SMSF tax returns | Accurium

The ATO has made some key changes affecting the 2014-15 tax returns for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF).

The ATO will start full processing of 2014-15 tax returns on 7 July. As you move to complete the 2014-15 annual returns, ensure that your SMSF trustees are aware of these changes and how they might affect their SMSF.

The key changes affecting SMSFs are:

Bank accounts provided in annual return

Trustees can now provide different back accounts for tax refunds and superannuation payments (e.g. super co-contributions).

Electronic service address

The annual return will request the electronic service address (ESA) of the SMSF to receive messages containing contributions data. Trustees were required to have a valid ESA from 1 July 2014. Make sure to have this information on hand when completing the fund’s tax return.

Supervisory levy

A single levy amount of $259 relating to 2015-16 income year will need to be paid on lodgement of the 2015 tax return. The transitional provisions which made the 2013-14 supervisory levy payable in two installments have now ended.

Tax rate changes

Several tax rates relating to SMSFs have changed in 2014-15 due to the temporary budget repair levy and increased Medicare levy. These rates are shown in the table below:

Rate for tax on: Rate in 2013–14 Rate in 2014–15
No-TFN-quoted contributions of a complying SMSF 31.5% additional tax 34% additional tax
No-TFN-quoted contributions of a non-complying SMSF 1.5% additional tax 2% additional tax
Non-arm's-length income 45% 47%
Income of non-complying SMSFs 45% 47%
Penalty units

Coming into effect from 31 July 2015 the value of Commonwealth penalty units will increase from $170 to $180. When fines are payable under Commonwealth laws they are generally expressed as a number of penalty units. Administrative penalties for SMSF trustees range from 5 to 60 penalty units. The increase of $10 per penalty unit means that the maximum administrative penalty for a single breach is $10,800, this is a $600 increase from the previous year.

In addition to these changes discussed for SMSF annual returns, there were a number of changes affecting individuals.  For information on all changes to the 2014-15 tax return please refer to the ATO website here.

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