Are you way down with Downsizer?

Date/time: Tuesday 16 August 2022 12:30PM-01:30PM AEST

$120.00 +GST

Presented By
Mark Ellem
Head of Education

This 1 hour webinar will provide 1 CPD hour.

Since its introduction in 2018-19, individuals have made a total of $9.4b of superannuation contributions under the downsizer cap. Notwithstanding the original purpose of the measure, it’s being valued highly as a means to be able to transfer capital into a concessionally taxed environment. But to be able to take advantage of the measure, you need to ensure that the individual is eligible, the requirements are met and the rules are followed. 

In this 1 hour webinar, Mark Ellem will quickly review the eligibility requirement for an individual to make a downsizer contribution, spending most of the webinar on examples and case studies to demonstrate the application of the rules, including: 

  • How the timing of the sale and settlement of a home can effect eligibility. 
    • At what time is the age of the contributor important? 
  • Splitting proceeds from the sale of the home between spouses. 
    • Do proceeds have to be allocated in the same portion as ownership? 
  • How the 10-year ownership period is measured.
    • What if a home is compulsory acquired? 
  • Interaction of CGT main residence exemption. 
    • How much of the proceeds can be used if only partial CGT exemption applies? 
  • Ineligible to downsizer after the fact. 
    • Why is the removal of the ‘work test’ bad? 

Strategies using downsizer will also be considered and reviewed in light of the recent changes made to the eligibility age and contribution acceptance rules. 


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