Accurium is an award winning SMSF education provider, committed to delivering high standards of SMSF education.

We are an SMSF Association Accredited Educator allowing us to provide SMSF Association and FASEA CPD hours through a number of specialised SMSF educational mediums available. Accurium is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth, professional development and helping you achieve your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) goals.


TechHub is an online learning platform to help you expand your SMSF knowledge and gain valuable CPD hours through articles, webclasses and accredited webinars. Our statistics demonstrate that we are also one of the largest education providers in the SMSF space.


Accurium webclasses provide an online interactive learning experience providing you with CPD hours. A webclass runs for 90 minutes and generally includes comprehensive supporting material such as case studies, learning guides and reference guides to aid in your understanding of the topic. Accurium TechHub subscribers receive discounts to all webclasses.

Bespoke education and training

Accurium is pleased to provide you with bespoke education and training to suit your needs.


The cost will vary depending on the length, type and level of training. To enquire please email

Head of education
Mark is an experienced and highly sought after presenter, he is passionate about educating accountants and SMSF practitioners about SMSFs and strategies to make SMSFs a successful part of their business.

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