The Accurium online actuarial certificate application form has undergone an upgrade to allow for the changes to how an SMSF must calculate exempt current pension income from 2017-18. 

Changes include allowing for: 

  • the retirement and non-retirement phase status of a transition to retirement income stream (called a TRIS below), 
  • a greater variety of internal transfers (e.g. commencement, commutation and reversion of pensions) 
  • changes to the definition of segregated assets including when a fund is 'deemed' to be segregated because its only member interests are in retirement phase. To facilitate these changes we are now asking clients to enter all member interests including those relating to segregated assets. 

The exempt income proportion stated in your actuarial certificate will apply to the income earned on fund assets which were not segregated assets in the selected financial year.

Technical assistance 

We encourage you to use the help functionality available within the form and we also have a number of technical materials to help you understand the new rules and to explain how to use our updated form. 

Webinar 3 - Super reforms - 09/08/2018