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Defined benefit pension

Adequacy actuarial certificates

Funds with at least one defined benefit pension such as complying lifetime, life expectancy or flexi pensions require an annual actuarial certificate. These certificates are used to meet Centrelink requirements for defined benefit pension (asset-test exempt income streams).

Accurium provides defined benefit adequacy actuarial certificates to accountants and SMSF practitioners to assess the solvency of their clients’ SMSF, and provides an opinion on whether the assets are adequate to meet the high probability test. It includes a Section 295-390 certificate of income tax exemption for the previous financial year.

To request a defined benefit pension actuarial certificate from Accurium please download the excel application form, complete the inputs and email the completed application to

The current response time is within 1 business day.

Defined benefits in SMSFs, what are the options?

Our defined benefit information sheet discusses discuss the options available to trustees (and their advisers) who have an asset-test exempt complying defined benefit pension in their SMSF and find they are required to change this arrangement.