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The webinar is presented in two parts. The first part shares key findings of our research into SMSF life expectancy, and the second provides a workshop on how to use the retirement healthcheck to add value with your clients.

SMSF Retirement Insights, Volume 2
Senior Actuary, Doug McBirnie shares some of the key findings of our ground-breaking SMSF Retirement Insights, Volume 2 paper 'SMSF trustees - healthier, wealthier and living longer', which is believed to be the first research paper to specifically assess the longevity of Australian SMSF trustees. Our research indicates that SMSF trustees are healthier, wealthier and will live longer than the average Australian, but greater life-expectancy comes at a price.

Accurium's retirement healthcheck
Accurium's SMSF Technical Services Manager Melanie Dunn will provide a workshop on how you can use Accurium's retirement healthcheck to add value for your clients. Using realistic case studies based on SMSF trustees she will provide simple instructions on how to use the online wizard and interpret the results. You will gain insights into how the retirement healthcheck can help your clients test the sustainability of their retirement plans.
Feature video: Retirement - healthy wealthy wise