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Small Business CGT Concessions and Super UPCOMING WEBINAR

We are excited to announce that our guest speaker for this webinar is Darren Wynen from Insyt.  Darren is a tax and superannuation specialist, author, trainer and consultant.  Join Darren and Accurium's General Manager, Doug McBirnie to gain some practical tips on Small Business CGT Concessions and Super. 

Practical tips and latest developments

The benefits of qualifying for the small business CGT concessions are significant. Besides the tax savings, the concessions provide a great opportunity to boost superannuation through the CGT cap. However, the complexity of the concessions and the nuances of the CGT cap mean that practitioners need to tread carefully when applying the concessions.

In this session, Darren will cover the following issues:

  • Recent private binding rules suggest that in specie contributions to super under the CGT cap may be acceptable in some circumstances – learn why.
  • More rules must now be met before applying the concessions to the sale of shares and units ­– what are the implications for structuring?
  • Planning ahead – what issues should practitioners be addressing for clients annually to maximise the opportunities to apply the concessions?
  • What are the most common questions asked by practitioners regarding the concessions and the CGT cap?

This webinar will provide you with CPD certification.  Please complete your registration for this webinar below.