SMSF Audit Hot Topics | Accurium

We are excited to announce that our guest speaker for this webinar is Shelley Banton from ASF Audits. 

SMSF Audit Hot Topics

The SMSF risk management landscape has changed. Or has it? The recent cases where 2 SMSF auditors were sued for negligence has resulted in SMSF auditors reviewing their procedures and processes to mitigate litigation risk.
This webinar will enable participants to:
  1. Understand why SMSF auditors are focusing on different audit areas
  2. Determine the type of audit evidence required to value assets at market value;
  3. Recall why an inadequate market valuation may increase Part A Qualifications;
  4. Identify the information required to deliver a compliant investment strategy;
  5. Describe how SMSF trustees can meet the diversification requirement under r4.09 SIS;
  6. Discuss the importance of classifying assets correctly

About Shelley

Shelley is the Executive General Manager, Technical Services at ASF Audits. She is an SMSF audit specialist with extensive experience in superannuation, audit, finance and IT.

Shelley was previously a director at Super Auditors from January 2007 until the merger with ASF Audits in July 2017. She has successfully implemented IT projects for SMEs and has worked for large private sector corporations, such as Citibank and Perpetual Funds Management.

Shelley works with a team of SMSF professionals and provides technical and strategic advice to clients on SMSF compliance. She also writes articles for superannuation publications and is a regular presenter at peak industry SMSF conferences.