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29 Mar 2022

Fast Facts

This handy guide presents the key facts and figures that are useful for someone dealing with SMSFs. No need to look it up on the internet, our facts and figures guide has it all in one place. The guide covers tax, tax offsets, superannuation, social security and aged care.

26 Mar 2022

Assessment of the former home upon entering aged care

Brought to you by Challenger Tech A key consideration for many individuals when moving into residential aged care is the decision around the former home. The technical team from Challenger provide a recap of the general rules for the social security and aged care assessment of the former home as well as their application to…

SMSF acronyms

During our webinars you might hear our presenters refer to some things in acronyms or you may have heard some in general SMSF discussions and be unsure what they are referring to. The team at Accurium have put together an extensive list of the most popular SMSF acronyms. If you think some are missing feel…

29 Oct 2021

Preservation age is increasing, again: do you know what age your clients can access their superannuation?

Preservation age is increasing, again: do you know what age your clients can access their superannuation?

8 Jun 2021

Guide to granny flats

There are a number of accommodation options for older people who require assistance and may not want to live by themselves. This guide explores what you need to know about granny flats.

11 May 2021

Federal Budget report 2021-22

On Tuesday 11 May 2021 the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, released the Government's 2021-22 Budget. The Budget features a number of measures that will impact pre and post retirees, including aged care clients and these measures are the focus of this analysis.

30 Apr 2021

Age Pension advice considerations: The death of a spouse

The death of a spouse will, for many clients, be a significantly emotional event. There are, however, a number of financial considerations that will require appropriate prioritisation. For Age Pension recipients there are additional advice considerations following the death of a spouse and these are the focus of this paper.

3 Mar 2021

Top ten social security means test FAQs of 2020

2020 was a challenging year for many, with bushfires followed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging environment, advisers continued to service their clients and raise interesting queries. In this article, we share our top ten social security means testing queries of 2020, and hope that these can assist advisers during 2021.

4 Feb 2021

Eligibility for concession cards and other benefits in retirement

For many retired clients, Government payments and benefits are an important consideration within their overall retirement strategy. As well as providing income in retirement, holders of concession cards can allow retirees to make savings on certain bills, medical services and products, and open the door to other types of financial assistance from the government.

8 Oct 2020

Does your client meet the retirement definition?

There are some legislative nuances when it comes to the specific definition of retirement. In this article we focus on retirement related condition of release and address some frequently asked questions. 

1 Sep 2020

Revisiting grandfathered account-based pensions

The rules to retain grandfathering meant that certain strategies could not be considered for grandfathered ABPs after 1 January 2015. Strategies such as switching providers to save on fees, a recontribution strategy and adding a reversionary beneficiary were largely not possible without losing the grandfathering status.

6 Aug 2020

Considerations for Centrelink clients approaching Age Pension age

A lot of Centrelink clients who are not yet Age Pension age have the opportunity to both; implement strategies to maximise their entitlements today, and to start planning for their transition to Age Pension to ensure they continue to maximise their benefits.