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15 Jun 2022

Your 2021-22 year end SMSF checklist

With the end of this 2021-22 financial year on our doorstep, SMSF trustees and members should take stock of what needs to be done before we move into the 2022-23 income year. Here’s a 10 step checklist to assist with identifying what will need your attention before 30 June 2022.

23 Mar 2022

Frequency of transfer balance account reporting

With the introduction of the transfer balance cap (TBC) regime from 1 July 2017, nearly five years ago (doesn’t time fly!), SMSFs are required to report certain transfer balance account (TBA) events that occur in relation to a member’s retirement phase pension. An APRA regulated fund is required to report a reportable TBA event as…

25 Aug 2021

Are you entitled to increase your transfer balance cap from 1 July 2021

The general transfer balance cap increases by $100,000 to $1.7m on 1 July 2021. However, not everyone will be entitled to an increase to their personal transfer balance cap (TBC). You can use the following flow chart to determine if a person is entitled to an increase to their transfer balance cap on 1 July 2021, and if so, the amount of the increase.

1 Jul 2021

Transfer balance account calculator

This calculator will determine an individual’s personal Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) as at a certain date, along with the general TBC, current Transfer Balance Account (TBA) balance and remaining amount available in their personal TBC, allowing for any indexation which may have occurred.

22 Jun 2021

What to expect on 1 July 2021

Whilst the focus may be on 2020-21 year-end matters for SMSFs, such as contribution being receipted and minimum pension paid by 30 June 2021, there are a number of changes taking place on 1 July 2021. In this article we summarise what is, and also what is not changing.

18 May 2021

Transfer balance account reporting revisited FAQ

This article provides answers to the questions received during our webinar ‘Transfer Balance Account Reporting revisited’ presented on 29 April 2021.

29 Apr 2021

Transfer balance account reporting revisited

This webinar will take the opportunity to revisit the transfer balance account reporting (TBAR) regime and its requirements. It will provide a refresher on the rules, in particular for SMSFs which are commencing a retirement phase income stream for the first time, or had a member pass away. Further, we will highlight practical considerations and common mistakes made in completing the TBAR.

27 Jan 2021

Transfer balance cap to increase from 1 July 2021

The transfer balance cap (TBC) was introduced as part of the 2017 super reforms to limit the amount a person could transfer to a retirement phase pension, for example an account-based pension. The transfer balance cap started at $1.6m, however, legislation allows for the indexation of the cap in $100,000 increments in line with the All Groups consumer price index (CPI).

1 Jul 2020

2020-21 legislative update

This article highlights some of the key legislative updates that have passed into law ahead of the 2020/21 financial year. Find out what laws made the statute books and what didn't.

23 Jul 2019

When to complete transfer balance account reports for death benefits

When a member in an SMSF passes away the trustee will decide how to pay out the death benefit. A new administrative requirement for the trustee to consider is whether a transfer balance account report (TBAR) is required.

23 May 2019

TBAR for a pension that fails to meet the minimum pension standards

Since 1 July 2017 a pension commutation, whether partial or full, requires the fund to submit a transfer balance account report (TBAR). However, submitting a TBAR may be a little bit different than expected in the situation where the minimum pension standards are not met and the income stream is forced to commute.