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Actuarial certificates and tax

This section contains posts which discuss the compliance requirements for SMSFs when it comes to tax. In particular actuarial certificates and claiming exempt current pension income.

Feature video: Why do you need an actuarial certificate?

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End of 2015-16 SMSF tax considerations 06 Jun 2016
Tax planning and strategies can be important as we approach the end of the financial year. Here are just a few key tax considerations to be aware of as we approach year end to ensure the self-managed ...
Exempt current pension income - Getting it right 15 Sep 2015
This paper will explore the exempt current pension income (ECPI) tax concession available to self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). It will include case studies for fund losses and segregation, al...
Are you under claiming SMSF tax deductions 15 Oct 2014
The ATO have confirmed that assessable income for the purposes of determining the deductibility of general expenses includes non-concessional contributions and rollovers.
New guidance on ability to claim ECPI when pension standards are not met 15 Oct 2014
The ATO has provided a concession under the Commissioner's general powers of administration which allows for a pension to continue, under some circumstances, when the pension standards are not met.
Deductibility of insurance premiums in an SMSF 15 Oct 2014
On 1 July 2011 the deductibility of insurance premiums in an SMSF changed, following completion of a four-year transition period from the introduction of the Simple Super reforms at 1 July 2007. In pa...
Why do you need an actuarial certificate? 15 Oct 2014
This short video explains the circumstances under which an actuarial certificate is required in order to claim an exemption from income tax in an SMSF annual return.
Carrying forward capital losses where a fund is fully in pension phase 15 Oct 2014
A fund which contains segregated assets, or is fully in pension phase, needs to be aware of the special rules where capital gains and losses are incurred on segregated pension assets. In particular th...
Tax losses in an SMSF what you need to know 15 Oct 2014
The Australian Tax Office has indicated its intention to focus on tax losses claimed by SMSFs in pension phase and claiming exempt current pension income (ECPI). They have identified a number of cases...
Can i have an actuarial certificate for part of the year ? 15 Oct 2014
Section 295-390 of the ITAA 1997 makes it clear that the tax exempt proportion calculation for an actuarial certificate under the unsegregated method uses the average values for a full financial year....
Calculating capital gains in a segregated fund with carried forward losses 15 Oct 2014
Calculating the net capital gain or loss for an income year is usually straightforward. However, there can be some uncertainty where a fund has carried forward capital losses and moves into pension ph...
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