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As experts in retirement, superannuation and risk Accurium are always looking for ways to assist SMSF professionals. Accurium members have access to a series of calculators and reports below which have been built to assist you in servicing your SMSF clients.

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If you are looking for the retirement healthcheck, which is an online calculator designed to make it easy to talk about retirement with your clients, and answer questions like ‘What can I afford to spend?’ then visit our dedicated page for this service here.

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Market Linked pension calculator 08 May 2017
This calculator will assist you in setting the terms for a new market linked pension in an SMSF. This includes the available term for the pension based on pensioner and spouse life expectancies, and t...
Minimum pension payments report 14 Feb 2017
The pension payments report will calculate the minimum and maximum pension payment requirements for account-based, market-linked and transition to retirement (TTR) pensions in accordance with the legi...
Exempt current pension income (ECPI) and General expense deductibility report 12 Aug 2016
The ECPI and general expense report will provide the fund with a deductible proportion for general administrative expenses and the exempt current pension income (ECPI) of the SMSF. This report is usef...
Survivorship calculator 12 Aug 2016
This calculator provides an estimate of longevity for individuals and couples based on Australian life tables. Lifespan estimates may be useful for purposes such as retirement planning and estate plan...
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