Establishing and structuring an SMSF 2023

$360.00 +GST

With around 20,000+ SMSFs being set up each financial year, there are many things to consider as part of establishing an SMSF. It’s important to ensure that the fund’s life cycle starts with it being compliant with the SIS rules, as well as meeting the requirements of being an ‘Australian superannuation fund’ under the Income tax rules. However, structuring options should also look beyond the time of establishment and consider events that can occur during the SMSF’s life cycle. 

In this on demand training we will cover: 

  • When an SMSF is considered as established; 
  • Trust deed considerations; 
  • Trusteeship options; 
  • SMSF definition – the basic conditions; 
  • Options for when an SMSF member becomes incapacitated or dies; 
  • The importance of being an ‘Australian superannuation fund’;


The format of the webclass will be: 

  • Presentation on the relevant rules of the web class topic; 
  • Attendees to consider the various case studies; 
  • A discussion of the various cases studies; the issues identified by attendees and proposed solutions; 

Presented by

Mark Ellem
Head of Education
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