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Our specialised services are designed to cater to the distinct and evolving requirements of accountants, financial advisors and lawyers. We understand the intricate challenges and opportunities that professionals in these fields face, and our services are finely tuned to address them.

Actuarial certificates

Award winning actuarial certificate provider, providing certificates in minutes

Ordering is easy

Seamlessly place your orders through our user-friendly online portal or via prominent SMSF accounting platforms including BGL, Class Super, and SuperMate.
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Respected experts delivering SMSF and tax training for accountants how and when you want.

SMSF and Tax

Professional development that is trusted, flexible and practical.
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Comprehensive support service for busy accounting practices.

Your first month is free

The helpdesk includes accountants’ workpapers, CPD management, client newsletter and alerts, and technical updates, all aimed at delivering certainty with no lock-in contracts and a low monthly fee.
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Our actuaries have specialised expertise in superannuation and retirement.

Partnering with us

We bring a data-driven and unbiased perspective, helping you make well-informed decisions.
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Actuarial Certificates

Certificates in minutes

Fast turnaround times

Class, BGL & SuperMate

Supporting all major datafeeds

Unlimited tech support

For actuarial certificates

Regular webinars

Free and CPD accredited

In-house actuaries

Not outsourced

How does your actuarial certificate provider compare?

Accurium’s award winning service provides you with actuarial certificates within minutes. For actuarial certificates delivered with speed, ease and accuracy, we are your trusted partner. Actuarial certificate clients receive 12 hours of free CPD training in 2023.


Accurium education is an online learning platform to help you expand your SMSF knowledge and gain valuable CPD hours through articles, webclasses, online courses, accredited webinars and much more.

Accurium Education is trusted by over 2,800 businesses

Over 18,000 CPD hours were provided via our webinars in just one year

Last financial year our clients accessed over 140,000 resources

Upcoming training


Accurium’s Helpdesk will extend your expertise saving you and your colleagues valuable time. You can rely on us for timely, considered and comprehensive answers to your tax and superannuation questions.  

Keep you and your team up to date with the latest tax and superannuation changes with inclusive regular webinars and discounts on practical CPD. 


Accurium’s actuaries have specialised expertise in superannuation and retirement with a deep understanding of Australia’s retirement income system, superannuation valuation techniques, and actuarial modelling. They bring a data-driven and unbiased perspective, helping you make well-informed decisions.

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Accurium Education is an online learning platform focused on providing education to businesses and individuals specialising in the SMSF space. It provides valuable CPD hours through articles, webclasses and accredited webinars.

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