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2 Aug 2022

The new ECPI choice rules – what they mean and how to apply them

In this joint webinar with SuperConcepts we will review the ECPI choice rules and the implications of each choice. We will also show how to perform a comparative analysis of the choices using both our Accurium actuarial portal and SuperConcept’s SMSF administration platform, SuperMate.

21 Jul 2022

ECPI and actuarial certificates through BGL

In this session Accurium’s SMSF Technical Services Manager, Melanie Dunn will equip you with the knowledge required to know how and when a fund can claim ECPI in the SMSF annual return, including an explanation of the new ECPI choice legislation and what this means for claiming ECPI when a fund has periods solely in…

3 Feb 2022

Options for a shortfall in the minimum pension for an ABP

Where an account-based pension (ABP) in retirement phase does not meet the minimum pension standards in the SIS Regulations there are consequences, both for the superannuation fund and the pension recipient. These include reducing the fund’s claim for exempt current pension income (ECPI) and changing the mix of tax components of the pension interest. 

30 Sep 2021

SuperStream – time to rollover to the new system

SuperStream is not a new concept for self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), however, from 1 October 2021 it will be mandatory for SMSFs to use SuperStream in relation to transfers in and out of the fund. 

16 Jun 2021

ECPI and actuarial certificates through Class Super

In this session Melanie Dunn will equip you with the knowledge required to know how and when a fund can claim ECPI in the annual return. Kevin Zhang will demonstrate how Class Super’s cloud-based SMSF administration technology assists accountants and administrators to ensure that the rules for claiming ECPI will be correctly applied in two case studies.

24 May 2021

ECPI and actuarial certificates FAQ

This FAQ article provides responses to questions that arose from our webinar presented on 6 May 2021, ‘ECPI and Actuarial Certificates – tips and traps’.

18 May 2021

ECPI – where to from here?

The proposed changes to the exempt current pension income (ECPI) rules are slated to come into effect from 1 July 2021, after being delayed twelve months from an original implementation date of 1 July 2020. With no draft legislation released by mid-April 2021, it has to be asked whether there will be a further delay to the start date or if any changes are actually required?

6 May 2021

ECPI and Actuarial certificates – tips and traps

An SMSF that pays a retirement phases pension is entitled to claim ECPI. In 2017-18 SMSFs claimed a total of $14b in ECPI – a notional tax saving of $2.1b, making ECPI an obvious focus area for the ATO and consequently an important deduction to get right.

22 Apr 2021

Issues with segregating large assets

A key matter of importance to SMSF trustees is correctly claiming exempt current pension income (ECPI) and, in particular, understanding how ECPI is calculated when the fund has segregated assets.  A fund’s assets can be segregated in many different ways and for many different reasons. 

15 Feb 2021

ECPI getting it right

Superannuation is a highly tax-effective vehicle for the accumulation of retirement wealth. This paper will explore the exempt current pension income tax (ECPI) concession available to self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). It will include case studies for fund losses and segregation, and some tips for maximising your ECPI.

15 Feb 2021

SMSF retirement insights Volume 9: The retirement phase tax exemption

ECPI is one of SMSFs most important tax concessions and has seen a number of significant changes in recent years. Accurium’s SMSF Retirement Insights report analyses the two latest proposed Government changes to how SMSFs claim ECPI. Billed as red tape reducing measures, will they live up to their name and reduce complexity for practitioners and SMSF trustees?

3 Feb 2021

TRIS: Consequences of not meeting pension standards

Transition to retirement income streams (TRIS) can be a useful tool for members of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) who have reached their preservation age and wish to reduce their working hours without reducing their income. However, there may be additional restrictions on these income streams which you need to be aware of.