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Accurium delivers a range of calculators to professional practices Australia wide. Our actuarial background combines mathematics, statistics, finance and actuarial science which is instrumental in driving the development of these calculators. Actuarial modeling plays a pivotal role in financial planning and retirement analysis by providing a comprehensive framework for analyzing and assessing risk.

Retirement tools

Accurium has developed and maintains a comprehensive retirement income model which enables a tailored forecast of a household’s financial outcomes over retirement. The model supports Accurium’s consulting work, internal research papers and powers our online tools.  

We have calculators which assist with individual areas of compliance or advice such as pensions, contributions, and longevity, and a comprehensive retirement tool called the retirement healthcheck for superannuation practitioners to assess the level of safe spending in retirement for a client given their investment mix and risk tolerance. 

We can work with clients to create a customised calculator instance utilising our retirement income model and UI capability, with bespoke settings and assumptions to tailor the model to the client’s specifications. 

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