Consulting services

Rely on our actuaries to simplify complexity.

Why engage an actuary?

By engaging an actuary as an objective adviser, you benefit from their specialised knowledge and skill set in assessing and managing risks. They bring a data-driven and unbiased perspective, helping you make well-informed decisions.

At Accurium we use the latest technology to make the complex simple, building scalable, practical tools and calculators, including our existing retirement healthcheck tool for accountants and financial planners. 

Accurium’s actuaries have specialised expertise in superannuation and retirement with a deep understanding of Australia’s retirement income system, superannuation valuation techniques, and actuarial modelling.

Doug McBirnie and Melanie Dunn
photo - Peter Mathew
Accurium senior actuaries: Melanie Dunn, Principal and Doug McBirnie, Managing Director.

Services for accountants, financial advisers and lawyers

We can provide support across a wide range of areas where an analytical analysis or assessment is required.  

Our services include: 

  • Complying pension restructure report – from $3,000 +GST 
  • Life interest valuation – from $600+GST
  • Superannuaion and compliance advice – quotes based on hourly rates

For a no-obligation discussion and quote for your requirements or to discuss other services, such as income stream valuations and retirement modelling, please contact us via email at [email protected] or phone 1800 203 123. 

Services for financial institutions

We can support financial institutions and superannuation funds with services including: 

  • development and assessment of retirement income strategies 
  • product development and testing 
  • pension valuations and restructure advice 
  • actuarial certificates
  • modelling reviews and testing
  • calculators and educational tool development and testing 
  • online interactive education and courses 
  • CPD accredited training for staff on superannuation and retirement 

Calculators & tools for professional practices

Discover how our custom calculators and tools can help to revolutionise your business.

Partnering with us

Our core team supporting actuarial consulting services includes: 

  • qualified actuaries and actuarial analysts 
  • accountants
  • marketing specialists and
  • IT developers  

Our team brings specialist knowledge and experience to support our consulting capabilities.

Accurium leverage high quality systems, processes, practices and risk management strategies, and Accurium board’s independent chair is highly experienced actuary and business leader Naomi Edwards, current President of the Actuaries Institute. 

Contact us

For a confidential, no obligation discussion, please contact us via email or phone 1800 203 123: