Mikala Whiting

Marketing Co-Ordinator

Mikala is new to Accurium’s marketing department. With her sharp skills and innate creativity, she coordinates a wide array of essential tasks, including event management, social media campaigns, client communications, advertising, and promotional activities.

Originally from the bustling city of Sydney, Mikala embraced a new chapter in her life by relocating to Hobart in January 2021. Prior to joining Accurium’s marketing team, she honed her craft as a graphic designer for an impressive four years before delving into the captivating world of marketing, where she has thrived for over two years.

While graphic design and marketing are among her professional passions, Mikala’s interests span beyond the confines of her career. Her culinary prowess adds a delightful touch to her life outside the office. Additionally, she indulges in the exhilarating world of soccer, both as a player and a devoted spectator, and delights in the thrill of being an avid cricket fan.